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For any query mail to:
Deepa Chakravorty
Account Co-ordinator

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To be leaner...more flexible...faster in responding
to change, building Trust...
that is the essence of PACE

Working together with you PACE team leverages 100 man years of  Effective Communication delivery experience. Its successful track record in diverse fields of Advertising & Communication assures you of a quality partnership.

We offer a rich blend of responsive organization and expertise of tried and tested professionals. Over
the years we have earned our customers Trust and their Delight.

PACE follows a well laid out methodology for various elements of Advertising & Media Communications for your
specific needs.


We start our Analysis by fully understanding the positioning of your Products/Services in the marketplace and your End user environment.

We then devise different communication strategies both conceptually and visuals. Depending upon your collateral
budgets and desired Market
Reach, a specific media planning
is suggested. We consider the appropriate media and make recommendations. Throughout
this process we stay engaged with you to arrive at an Optimum plan.

The similar methodology is also used when we are designing specific one-off Campaign. Here again we continue our interaction with you and finalize the entire concept


No dilution of efforts over layers of hierarchy, ensure faster response to our client changing needs.

It's not enough to do it right. It's critical to do it right the first time!
We offer the most innovative ideas
and work under contemporary
style of operation.

At PACE we believe in proactive communication and service capability that addresses the customer's needs... both spoken and unspoken - swifter, more efficiently and professionally.

Strength lies in our dynamic team
of highly talented and creative
personnel with a collective 100 man years of Effective Communication delivery experience.

After all, good work has never been known to be the exclusive province
of the big.

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